Mariona Lloreta is a film director, visual artist and writer based in Brooklyn, NY and Barcelona, Spain.

In her practice, Mariona is interested in sharing the beauty and complexity at the core of different cultures so that it may challenge any preconceived notions and so it helps build a more open and more tolerant world. Her insatiable thirst for documenting communities around the world has brought her to transcend the boundaries of her native Barcelona to work and live in countries such as Nigeria, Brazil, China, Italy or the United States.

Her work demands a conversation between itself and the viewer concerning identity, community, self-empowerment, transition, spirituality, tradition and freedom. Mariona seeks to go past our differences and celebrate the universal thread that binds our human experience. Her aim is to find a common ground across and within cultures, races and gender to capture experiences that we all relate to, conveying a sense of Oneness and honoring our stories.

Mariona strives to become not just a visual artist, but a key agent in the quest to enact positive change through the arts.